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Romantic getaways can look like a walk in the park for a picnic, scented candles and a hot tub, an uncluttered peaceful room in your house, or a lazy morning of staying in bed together. Taking time for your relationship is essential to keeping love alive. With a little planning, you can have extended romance with pure unadulterated bliss on an island just for two…I am a tropical, warm weather kind of gal and the scene of the ocean, white sand, palm trees waving, a perfect sunset and smell of coconut oil can transcend me back to my Tahitian honeymoon.Reminders of those romantic getaways can re-ignite the flames of love long after you return home. Create some memories of your own. Travel websites like Expedia and Trip Mama can be just what the love doctor ordered!Traveling together is a unique bonding experience.  It is a shared, new adventure for couples. There is a mixture of excitement and anxiety that leave libidos running on high.Romantic getaways can be a shared dream that couples create together. The anticipation of some far away place can help spouses to escape the 9-5 grind of everyday life and offer them a titillating build up to a climactic trip. Even the planning process can excite and stimulate your love life.Romantic getaways deepen your intimacy. Far away from your daily distractions, the two of you can get to know each other better. Sharing a new adventure such as scuba diving or zip lining intensifies romantic interludes. It can also fuel your fantasies. Imagine, warm sun, new sights, new sounds, new tastes and tropical scents all working together to wrap you in a luscious escape for two.

While scuba diving throughout the world with my husband, his chivalrous behavior allowed me to let go and trust that he would take care of me.  We adventured on shark dives, cave dives and deep dives and I knew that he would not let anything happen to me.  Feeling his love and loyalty allowed me to open my heart to him. Although hardly a “damsel in distress”, this image of my honorable, protective husband was a real turn on!

A romantic getaway may be just the avenue to take your relationship deeper.  Let the sensuous memories begin…

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